• Jessica Vantiegham

Torture or Pleasure? Both.

Updated: Feb 17

Nope, this is not about S&M…sorry you pervs. This is about striving, getting and staying in shape. "But Jess, you're a skinny bitch." Yeah, yeah, yeah. Roll your eyes but know this fact...genetically inclined "skinny bitches" are some of the unhealthiest mugs you’ll ever meet. This is about why we all should be striving to stay in shape. Whether you have zero pounds to lose or 100.

I have been obsessed with dietary habits and fitness ever since I could drive myself to the grocery store and/or gym. If you name a fitness can bet your pretty lil bum I've tried it: OTF, Hot Worx, Zumba (total disaster...coordination skills of a giraffe in a hobbit house), Bodypump, Barre, Rock Climbing,...especially proud to have completed the half Rock'n'Roll Nashville Marathon, even if I did lose a toe nail. Gross as it sounds. It grew back.

What's up with all of this seemingly unnecessary torture? As with any oddity that is hardwired in our brains to stalk us through our entire adult life, it was a childhood realization. You see, my mother was unhealthy for as long as I can remember; to the point that it affected her physically and mentally. To this day, I cannot eat Lays potato chips and sour cream & chives dip. Scarred forever. The flip side is that it was very clear to me that you cannot give the best to the people you love, nor live a truly fulfilling life without first being the best version of yourself.

I love working out. Not necessarily the workout itself but the accomplishment of both the physical exertion and the mental fortitude to complete it. I believe 100% that if a person makes their physical fitness a priority, it will only bring about more success in other areas of their life. Think about it. When you felt like you were the best version of yourself, what kind of shape were you in? When you met your spouse, how awesome did your biceps look? When you got knocked up, you probably dropped it like it was hot because you could squat with the glutes of a Greek goddess. Want to be successful in your career? Get fit. Employing and maintaining physical fitness combines nearly everything it takes to be successful: consistency, structure, self-motivation, overcoming obstacles and just a splash of arrogance.

Look, this is not passing judgment on folks that, for health reasons, cannot work out strenuously. In fact, this isn’t about passing judgment on anyone at all. This is about reaching for the best you that is possible. I will never have a model’s body…too much ass and not enough good looks. But, you know what else I’ll never be? Unfit. I may have junk in my trunk but you can bet that junk can run 5 miles without collapsing in the fetal position.

And when I get even older and my level of fitness will have to modify itself to my body’s limitations….I’ll still be Jane Fond’ing the crap outta my 2lb weights. Not out of vanity. Well, not all vanity. Out of respect to the moderately healthy body I was given. It’s the only body I will know. No need in treating it like a beat up junker, tossing candy bar wrappers on the floorboard and feeding it cheap gas. I need this thing to last. Nothing but premium gas and regularly scheduled tune ups for this vintage model.

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